Triton’s South American headquarters is located in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and is responsible for project development, licence acquisition and industrial services in the region. Triton Logging Brasil Ltda. is working with public and private reservoir managers and the government of Brazil to create sustainable economic, social and environmental value from the region’s immense volumes of submerged tropical timber.

The Brazilian natural forest cover represents just over 50% of the total forest cover in Latin America, which is equivalent to approximately 470 million hectares of natural forests, according to the FAO State of the World’s Forests 2005. The vast majority of that area is represented by the Amazon Forest.

A large number of reservoirs in Brazil contain significant amounts of flooded forests, with merchantable high quality wood. The demand of the wood sector for certified and legal wood represents an important opportunity for Triton in Brazil. This includes the potential offer of biomass for co-generation, pallets and wood chips.

Triton also works directly with corporate and government entities in other Latin American countries to provide a suite of services, including reservoir assessments, surveys, project planning, concession development, and financing strategies for submerged timber resources.

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