The combination of flooded forests plus Triton’s scalable technologies and our unique story, creates a long-term opportunity for value creation. We recover a lost resource to provide consumers and manufacturers with a unique and environmentally-certified source of high quality wood. With 60,000 reservoirs worldwide we redefine sustainability.

With the world’s increasing focus on environmental concerns, including tropical deforestation and climate change, submerged forests offer a unique value proposition, with tremendous environmental benefits.

Submerged trees continue to affect the reservoirs in which they stand.  Increasingly, these trees are being highlighted by governments, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and communities as something that cannot be ignored.

Consequently, the emerging underwater timber industry has great potential to improve the environmental footprint of the forestry industry. Leading its development, Triton is helping to provide a critical buffer period for governments and responsible companies to establish and enforce regulations and market mechanisms for sustainable tropical rainforest management.

It is the vision of Triton to grow this industry and to deliver tangible triple bottom line benefits: creating value for local communities and national governments, demonstrating strong environmental leadership, and producing financial returns supporting the visionary shareholders critical to making this company what it is today.

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