Our Commitment

At Triton, we believe that business can and should produce social good and contribute to the sustainability of our planet’s ecosystem while producing financial returns that reasonably reward the risk and commitment of our shareholders.

Here’s how:

Certified wood

  • Rainforest Alliance Certified Rediscovered Wood TM
  • We are the longest certified underwater harvesting company and the only one ever certified in Africa.

Environmental impact

  • Measuring impact on air emissions, noise emissions, water, fisheries, and waste generation and taking steps to ensure minimal negative impact to the communities around which we work.
  • A key environmental advantage of underwater timber harvesting is avoiding deforestation: each tree Triton salvages will help reduce unsustainable logging of tropical rainforests. Given the scale of operations, this benefit is expected to extend to tropical forests throughout the world.

Social benefits

  • Triton gives preference to hiring and training local residents. It intends to maximize the number of employees from the countries in which it operates and to hire and promote such employees at all levels of the organization. When we established operations at the Volta Lake in Ghana, over 90% of employees were Ghanaian, including senior leadership.
  • International level health and safety standards
  • Hygiene and sanitation practices
  • Community engagement


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