Underwater timber harvesting , Reclaimed wood products , Reservoir management , Reservoir services


Since 2000, Triton has led the development of the underwater logging industry through technology design, harvest concession development, inventory assessments, logging services, and eco-wood sales.

Using its patented SHARC and SAWFISH Underwater Harvester systems, Triton recovers standing, submerged timber at virtually any depth in a safe, efficient and environmentally-friendly manner.


Triton’s SHARC is the most sophisticated underwater technology in the world. With its custom electronics and near 30-meter telescopic boom to locate each tree; the fully-enclosed, biodegradable hydraulic system is one-of-a-kind globally.


Triton currently holds the Concession to the 365km2 Petit Saut Reservoir in French Guiana. Currently, we are developing the site to host a commercial sawmill, biomass manufacturing facility and related log storage and de-watering infrastructure.


In each region of the globe Triton operates, we collaborate with Federal, State, Municipal, Indigenous and third-party stakeholders to define Triton’s environmental policies. The core of our policies are rooted in the International Standards Organization (ISO) 14001 Certification regime.


Triton manages and harvests the world’s forgotten underwater forests to provide environmentally sustainable wood products for consumers and fuel for biomass energy facilities. We harvest the timber in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner using innovative, proprietary technology.

Triton Timber Group