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Our Story

Our Story

Triton has enjoyed a long journey. Founded in 2000 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with the expressed purpose to develop sound technology to responsibly harvest the flooded and abandoned forests in reservoirs around the world.

Triton’s first technological development is the SAWFISH™. The SAWFISH™, is an underwater remote operated vehicle capable of diving to 100m to reach the deepest of submerged forests. This first milestone then lead to the development of our newest harvester, the SHARC™. The SHARC™ is a self-propelled barge with an excavator equipped with a telescoping stick and felling head capable of reaching to depths of 30m. The combination of our technology positions Triton as the only company in the world capable of harvesting any reservoir. Our technology is more than just our tools, they are the key to Triton’s unique identity in the lumber and biomass sectors.

Since inception, Triton has undertaken 14 separate and unique projects covering Canada, Malaysia, Brasil, the United States of America, Ghana, Suriname, Panama and are now on route to French Guiana. These projects have ranged from inventory surveys to harvesting on the world’s largest manmade reservoir (having a surface area of 8,502 square kilometers) under a Rainforest Alliance Inc. Generic Chain of Custody Certificate.

Triton prides ourselves on responsibly harvesting timber and retaining chain of custody from the reservoir to a finished, best use, product.

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