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Sawfish™ Harvester


The SAWFISH™ Harvester (US Patent No. 6,789,587) was designed by Triton specifically for deep-water reservoirs (>40m) where divers and surface-mounted systems cannot safely or effectively operate.

SAWFISH™ is a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) system based on proven components used in other subsea industries such as oil and gas, scientific surveying and marine construction. The unmanned system is safely operated remotely and at virtually any depth by a pilot in a control room on a barge. Video and sonar guide the pilot on six computer monitors, while power, communications and compressed air are delivered to SAWFISH™ through a custom tether.

SAWFISH™ features include:

• Integrated video, sonar and GPS navigation for precise navigation
• Seven thrusters to manoeuvre without disturbing the lakebed
• Powerful grapple and chainsaw capable of cutting a wide range of tree diameters
• Reusable, bolt-on airbag system that can float up to 50 trees per dive


Triton Sawfish™ Harvesters have been deployed for contract remediation projects and logging operations in extreme conditions in northern and coastal Canada, Southeast Asia and the United States. Productivity depends in large part on operating environments such as tree depth, spacing and size; however the Sawfish can generally cut a tree every 3-5 minutes in good conditions.


Complete Triton SAWFISH™ systems (control booth, electrical/machine room and tether) can be transported in two, standard 20-foot shipping containers anywhere in the world by ship, rail and road.

SAWFISH™ has been awarded numerous technology and environmental awards, including “Best New Green Technology” (Popular Science Magazine) and “Innovation of the Year” (Government of Canada). It has also been profiled by international media including Forbes magazine, NBC News, Discovery Channel, and The Wall Street Journal.

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