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Triton values every cubic meter we harvest and converts each cubic meter to its highest value possible. We resurrect lost forests and species and treat them accordingly. We ensure their best economic potential and convert them to their best possible use, whether that is high end furniture, decking, dimensional lumber or biomass. At Triton, every tree matters and gains our full respect.


The timber we harvest is often rare, and on occasion subject to https://cites.org/eng regulations due to its global scarcity. At Triton, we ensure all global and local regulations are followed to certifiably sell any CITES species we encounter in the resurrected forests we harvest. Our rediscovered non-commercial species are used to offset terrestrial fiber demand for energy production.


Where trees are exposed to oxygen they typically begin to decay. This occurs in shallow regions of reservoirs or at periods of seasonal low water. Triton, in concert with our partners and global customers, utilizes these portions of each tree by converting the material into biomass for energy facilitation. Through our approach, Triton is reducing the pressure on terrestrial resources driving the global transformation of energy generation.

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