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Brasil – AES

Brasil - AES

AES Brazil Group (AES) commissioned Triton to evaluate three reservoirs in the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil. These reservoirs included Barra Bonita, Promissao (Mario Lopes Leao) and Agua Vermelha. Barra Bonita is 23,194 hectares, Promissao is 52,588 hectares and, Agua Vermelha is 54,578 hectares in size.
The objectives of the assessments were to determine the nature and distribution of submerged timber throughout the reservoirs and to summarize the potential species types and their respective economic potential.
The project included two primary Stages of evaluation. Stage One, Submerged Timber Verification Assessment, focused on conducting sonar surveys on each of the reservoirs to ascertain a general description of the submerged timber in terms of volume (m3) per hectare (ha), piece length, diameter, volume and form characteristics, as well as piece size distribution by volume, plot depth and transect length. These resource attributes were then mapped to spatially represent the gross and net volumes of timber throughout each reservoir.
Over a three-week period Triton completed a total of 505 scans using a Kongsberg MS1071B high-resolution sonar across the three reservoirs.
Stage Two focused on estimating the species distribution and provided volume summaries, including a potential market valuation for the timber profile of each reservoir.

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