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Malaysia – Bakun

Malaysia - Bakun

Between February 23th and 26, 2014, Triton was contracted by Wargana Consortium to undertake a preliminary reservoir assessment of Bakun.

The Bakun Dam is an embankment dam located in Sarawak, Malaysia on the Balui River, a tributary of the Rajang River and some sixty kilometres west of Belaga. Completed in 2010, the Reservoir area is 695 km² (69,500 hectares), and has a catchment area of 14,750 km².

Triton’s field assessment was conducted between February 23 and February 26, 2014 and the objectives aimed to determine:

1. The estimated volume of trees;
2. The depth of the trees;
3. The nature of the forest and tree structure;
4. Dewatering infrastructure and other operational constraints throughout the reservoir; and,
5. Seasonality of the work.

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