Underwater timber harvesting , Reclaimed wood products , Reservoir management , Reservoir services



Founded in 2000, Triton manages and harvests the world’s forgotten underwater forests to provide environmentally sustainable wood products for consumers and fuel for biomass energy facilities. We harvest the timber in a safe, efficient and environmentally responsible manner using innovative, proprietary technology. In doing so, we promote local economic development through job creation and training, create new opportunities for long-term reservoir management, and reduce pressure on terrestrial forest resources by providing a responsible alternative source of lumber products and biomass fuel.


Triton has owned and harvested reservoirs around the world. Locations have included reservoirs in North America, Asia, Central America, and Africa. We are now deploying our patented SHARC technology to Petit Saut in French Guiana, South America. Here, Triton shall responsibly manage and convert all harvested timber to its best end use, whether that is lumber or biomass to fulfill domestic and international markets.


Whether its clearing channels for ferry traffic, harvesting to reduce dam threats, providing management options for submerged timber or quantifying submerged forests in your reservoir, Triton has the professional expertise and technology to cover a broad spectrum of services.

Triton Timber Group