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Marion François

Marion François

General Manager French Guiana Procurement & Logistics Manager

Marion François, is the new Procurement and Logistics Manager having joined the Triton Team in October 2020.

Born in Paris, her first desire to travel was nurtured by her reading, before she chose a professional life made of challenges and adventure.

In 2004, Marion obtained her degree in mechanical and industrial engineering at the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) in Paris, interning with General Electric.  After graduation, she continued working for GE for another five years as a field engineer in charge of heavy-duty gas turbines maintenance and later on became Lead Field Manager, mostly in Europe.

Marion then decided to take a break from work to travel and finally settled in Terre Adélie in Antarctica, as District Manager for the French Southern and Antarctic Lands (TAAF) for a year. She represented the French government while coordinating teams and managing the technical, logistical and scientific operations.  She then became head of the TAAF Technical Services in Reunion Island for 8 years. She ensured the technical support of the French scientific bases located on 9 territories from the 11th to the 90th parallel South and its complex logistic chain.  Ready for a new challenge, Marion opted to join Triton to assist with Triton’s logistical needs entering into French Guiana and Suriname.

Tom Avery

Head of Resource Assessment & Development

Tom is a Registered Professional Forester in the Province of British Columbia, Canada and holds a degree in Natural Resource Management from the University of Northern British Columbia.

David Behnke

General Manager

At Triton, David ensures that we remain focused on our core responsibility: Delivering value to our shareholders, partners and the communities in which we work.

Rick Braun

Electrical Technologist

Rick joined the Triton team in 2007 and has a Diploma in Electrical and Electronics Technology.

Grant Foley


Grant is a qualified Chartered Accountant from Cape Town South Africa.

Marion François

General Manager French Guiana Procurement & Logistics Manager

Marion François, is the new Procurement and Logistics Manager having joined the Triton Team in October 2020.

Heath Krevesky

Planning & Certification Manager

Heath has a Geography Degree from the University of Victoria and has more than 28 years of forestry appointments in government, industry, non-profit societies, and First Nation organizations.

Antoine Lopvet

Planning & Development Manager

Antoine is a civil engineer passionate about the Guyanese forest where he has been working for over 15 years.

Lucas Miller

Supervisor of SHARC™ Operations and Training

Since joining Triton in 2008 Lucas has been Triton’s lead Sawfish™ and SHARC™ operator through the design, development, testing and production phases of our harvesting equipment.

Craig Penfold

Business Development & Timber Sales Manager

Craig has 20+ years of experience in the wood products sector, covering the areas of sawmilling and value-add manufacturing, sales and marketing, and forest management and certification.

Richard Shipley

Head of Operations

Richard’s experience includes running large-scale logging operations with a particular focus on cost-efficiencies and innovation.

Cindy Spainer

Accounting Clerk

Cindy is our accounts payable and payroll person. She holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws degree, both from the University of Alberta.

Chris Stead

Chief Financial Officer

Chris brings more than 20 years of financial acumen in diverse global industries, from forestry equipment to medical testing.

Stan Worsley

Head of Engineering

Stan is a mechanical engineer with over 30 years of experience in applied research and product development who has managed high-tech engineering and manufacturing projects on a global basis.

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